Assessment of Neuro-Development Spectrum


Assessment of Neuro-Development Spectrum (Screening across the spectrum)  


This is a specialist screening of the Neuro-Developmental Disorder Spectrum when the nature of difficulties are not clear and directive towards any specific condition. The patient will be screened for the whole spectrum of neuro-developmental difficulties – Intellectual Developmental Disorders, Communication Disorders (including Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder), Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Specific Learning Disorders, Motor Disorders and Tic Disorders.

The assessment comprises of psychometric testing and a structured clinical interview with the patient as well as a parent/carer of the patient who can comment on the patient’s childhood development. The interview with the parent/carer can be conducted over the phone or Skype if the parent/carer is unable to attend on the day of the appointment.


The Assessment Process

The assessment lasts 2 hours. The process will involve:

  • Testing through completion of psychometric questionnaire

  • Discussion of patient’s struggles guided through structured questions

  • If parent/carer present, discussion of childhood development through a structured questionnaire

The patient will be asked to provide the following:

  • Completed questionnaires which will be emailed when appointment is confirmed

  • School/college reports

  • Any previous psychometric and psychological assessment reports

These can be emailed back or photocopies to be returned on the day of the appointment.


To find out more or book this consultation, please contact FFCI administration. Email: or fill out the form below


Sep 2019