Tailored Assessment Package


Tailored Assessment Package 


When the nature of the assessment to be undertaken is unclear, however a comprehensive psychological evaluation is required, we offer a brief telephone conversation in order to ascertain your assessment needs. Following this a tailor-made assessment package will be built in order to address the concerns of the individual. Special packages can also be offered to schools and other organisations.


What it will involve

The screening and consultation focuses on ascertaining the direction of difficulties before comprehensive testing is recommended. It involves a structured clinical interview with the patient as well as a parent/carer of the patient who can comment on the patient’s childhood development. The interview with the parent/carer can be conducted over the phone or Skype if the parent/carer is unable to attend on the day of the appointment.


To find out more or book this consultation, please contact FFCI administration. Email: info@ffci.org.uk or fill out the form below


Sep 2019