Kim Page – Business Consultant

Kim has worked across Social Care and Health Care for over 20 years, as a commercial leader of services into the healthcare sector. As a ‘Responsible Individual’ and Managing Director, Kim has been engaged with the evolution of telehealth and telecare for over a decade. Her success is in her approach, strategically aligning with stakeholder values, and enabling services to maximize the value of digital health through technology and people, for the best possible outcomes.  She has been instrumental in influencing National initiatives (2013 ‘3m Lives’) as well as local services particularly in Telehealth and Telecare.

A passion for people has also meant that Kim has mentored both Founders and businesses bringing innovation to the sector through Wayra UK and Healthbox. Her passion is now extended towards supporting FFCI to blend clinical innovation and care towards patients.

Since 2016, Kim has devoted her time to Isoshealth (Isosconnect) where she identified the opportunity for multidisciplinary practice to positively disrupt the private therapeutic space.  Focused on utility, vision and value, Kim has placed an exemplary team around her vision of One digital home for all types of therapists, to build, operate and grow a private practice in a digital age.

‘Isos’ means equal – Kim and those working with her along the journey believe everyone should have equal access to the information and support they need to feel happy, fit and healthy, through experts.

Apr 2019

By ffciadmin