Litsa Surla – Assistant Psychologist, Research and Development

Litsa is an Assistant Psychologist at the FFCI. She provides clinical and research support for the clinic under the supervision of Bijal Chheda-Varma. Litsa will be embarking on her clinical psychology training and indicates great promise of being a passionate psychologist.

Litsa has experience both in the NHS and private practice, having worked with people with various mental health difficulties, in particular adolescents and adults with mood disorders, eating disorders, psychosis, and personality disorders.

She has worked as an Assistant Psychologist in Early Intervention Services in Psychosis and has undertaken research and service audits in the NHS. She has provided individual CBT therapy and group mindfulness-based therapy.

Litsa is passionate about innovative psychological interventions and research and is currently an Ambassador for the research charity, MQ Mental Health.

Mar 2019

By ffciadmin