Educational talk for Parents at Grimsdell

Part 1: Understanding and managing emotions in young children

Helping children develop an emotional vocabulary so that they can express and manage their emotions is the main focus of this topic. Research shows that children who manage emotions better grow up to be well adjusted adults and socialize better. This topic will focus on helping parents learn a few skills to help their children recognize emotions and soothe them in a healthy way. Children often portray difficult behaviour when they are unable to express and regulate their emotions. Difficult behaviour can easily be prevented by adopting a few simple attitudes and methods to manage feelings.
Food is an object we consume when we are hungry. The act of ‘eating’ tells us how we consume food. In the last two decades, our eating habits have fallen into cycles of indulgence followed by cycles of diets leading to imbalance and confusion. This part will focus on helping parents understand their relationship with food and eating and pass on healthy mindsets and attitudes to their young children. Children have a natural instinct towards consuming food as essential for survival. However the influence of adult mindsets interrupts these healthy instincts. Parents will be provided “food for thought” enabling them to challenge unhealthy attitudes towards food and eating so that they are able to provide a healthy backdrop of eating for their children.

Oct 2019